To ensure the best possible advice and process of a clients' music project, it is crucial not only to have reliable but also professional partners by your side. My long time engagement in the music field has brought me wonderful and wide connections in all areas of music. May these be artists, producers, studios, publishers, or labels, I am glad to say that all people I work with, are not only reliable and professional, but very good friends. 

JOCHEN SCHUSTER, born in The Netherlands,  brings many years of successful music experience: more than 20 years of leading experience in the music industry as a Label Executive (Universal & Sony Music) and as leading Project Manager for successful  tv shows. He was also  in charge of a success of over 50 Gold - and platinum artists. 

He eagerly promotes and produces young artists, and is profoundly engaged into new music start ups. His passion and love for music are our common denominator. His music network and talent to connect people is indispensable and an important part of the company. Alltogether, Jochen is a great sparring partner when it comes to all music business matters.

TOM KEIL, longtime music professional and currently General manager and Head of A&R at Ultramusic Europe,  is also a true dance music lover. He's very good a spotting talent and has a love for connecting people that match. Check out some of the artists here:

NEELIX aka HENRIK TWARDKZIK, is not only a close friend and total music nerd but also highly successful and innovative DJ, composer and inspirational artist for electronic dance music. His progressive live music acts are moving the masses all over the globe and we was nominated for the world music award in world's best electronic dance music. For some of my clients, Neelix has written and produced some great tracks. Not only very talented but also a longtime friend. Listen to some of his tracks here:

STEVE VAN VELVET aka VERGEINER, is an Austrian songwriter and producer, based in Berlin. As by his own definition: coffeehouse and espresso junkie, genius and secretly lost twin of Captain Haddock. Check out his work:

MICHEL VAN DYKE, dutch musician, composer, producer and a fantastic talent. A great composer for film, too. Furthermore, he is a really good friend and so much fun to be with. We had many pleasant moments trying to find the perfect commercial music at his piano.
Check out his Michels work here:​

CHRISTIAN FUCHS, Chilean/Peruvian photographer based in Lima, Peru. Incredibly creative with a deep insight for all things, he takes photos of himself while slipping into the role of his ancestors. Apart from that, he's also a great portrait and landscape photographer. He exhibits worldwide in galleries, art fairs and museums and has a never ending energy to move forward. He's my best friend and if you're interested in his work for GSA territories, please contact me. Check out his superbe work here:

CONSTANTIN VON SELD, talented editor, skateboard and online gaming freak,  based in Hamburg. Name rings a bell ? He's my brother but I'm a great fan, too - so are the famous directors he works for. And even the Oscars, where he got nominated. Sometimes, when lucky, I get to do music research for him - music and editing are old friends. Check him out here:,constantin-von-seld

GUNNAR HENKE, Event Manager for first class events. Always busy networking, searching for new ideas and has a faible for upcoming artists through providing showcase spaces at his events. Music and events go well together as we all know.

Check out his company here:

GARY BRYAN, famous british photographer based in London and a sweet old friend. I just love his neat artwork and style. Gary also shot the photo in the section DRESS AND STYLE.
Check out Gary's talent here:

ART AND LIFE, my father's website and also my family heritage, is about art and antiques. Check out all the tasteful things: