The right choice of music within a public space is more than just a background sound. It changes how customers feel, react and decide. For hotels, music is a very important key not only to enhance and communicate emotions and well being for the guests but it equally plays a very important role in forming the hotel's signature. Well placed music should match the look & feel of a place to support its design, the various areas and time zones without being a nuisance nor give an elevator music feel. 

I create the music fitted to the specific needs and moments of the space, to its spirit, feel and its guests. The playlists are designed to match the audiences' mindset during the various moments and changing rhythms of the day. Sometimes they are silent and subtle, almost overheard, sometimes they inspire to listen closely or dance along to. I take very much care of the specific taste, cultural aspects and needs of the clientele and the space's spirit, so I prefer working for places I have seen, been to, felt and experienced myself. And if I haven't been there, I gladly come by.

Empathy is important to feel and choose what's right for others. My long time experience with brands&music, as well as my broad knowledge about various music genres help me create playlists that leave a lasting impression. The right connections to experts in the music field help a lot to combine a subtle mix of the heard, unheard, old and new. Besides empathy, the budget is also a factor not to be dismissed. As there is often a small or even no budget for music styling, I do my very best to work within given constraints. 

"In the third year now, Cathrin has provided the music styling for THE CAPRA. Her playlists are a key part of the hotel's overall ambiance and success"
Cornelia Destouches, 
Hotel Manager at THE CAPRA
"Cathrin's music playlists are fresh and unusual and have the little extra spark that our clients love when relaxing at the pool.."

Hiago d. Carvalho
Management Pool

"Cathrin's music selection and taste in songs is excellent and suits the hotels character and style 100 % " 
Teresa Barros,
Marketing Executive at Sublime
"Cathrin understands the needs of a music designed to work both with sales, the shop's clientele and the staff."
Maurits van Heyst,
Shop Owner