Music is the ultimate way to communicate emotions, especially when it influences consumer behavior. It changes how people feel, react and decide. Apart from the brand image, music is the essence of a brand's communication that gives the product an identity within the glimpse of a second. Finding the right song, rhythm, harmony, matching band or the best artist for a brand is more than just an add-on.


I try to find the best possible musical solution that suits the creative idea or product. This might be an existing song, a pre-release or a song that needs to be produced from scratch. What matters most, is not only to understand the marketing and consumer demands of the product, but also the idea and expectations behind the people that have created it and desire to enhance it with music. Also tight timelines and budgets are known to me - this sometimes means sleepless nights.

Thanks to my broad network of labels, producers, publishers, studios and artists worldwide, I try to take the best possible music approach within a given time frame and budget, even if small. With my longtime expertise in music, I can ensure a successful project, whether this may be a song production, song pitching, licensing and rights clearing, communication concepts, artist cooperations or a CD compilation for a brand or public space. A pool of professional and reliable partners are part of the company.