It takes just one-tenth of a second for us to judge someone and make a first impression. This impression we give to others influences how we are perceived and therefore treated in many contexts of everyday life. Not only the physical appearance, the way we groom ourselves, how we move and behave are significant - but also and most importantly, the way we dress.

Dress for success - when appropriate dressing becomes an major key factor or necessity for our business life, we can use it to empower ourselves but when done badly, also send the wrong or weakening signals. A great style that matches a required situation and context, enhances your personality. 


Through my many years of close work with numerous VIPs and artists in the entertainment industry, I have acquired the sensibility and know-how as to what works in dress style and appearance and what doesn't. If you need a specific style for a professional or private occasion, or if you are looking for a general personal 'overhaul', I can help you improve your look, assist with the perfect outfit and give you the security needed to give your best impression. You are welcome to contact me and I"ll gladly send you an offer and references regarding clients/past works. (as most of the VIPs wouldn't like to be displayed online). 



**Photo credit: Gary Bryan